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Auburn and Oak Ridge National Laboratory partner

This story originally appeared on Auburn University’s Wire Eagle service.

Auburn University has announced a formal collaborative agreement between the university’s Cyber Initiative and Oak Ridge National Laboratory that will focus resources and expertise on security issues in the cyber domain. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is the largest science and energy national laboratory in the U.S. Department of Energy system.

The increasing complexity of technology and critical infrastructure requirements for cyber security has created an urgent demand for the development of information transfer, storage and security solutions across the nation. Also, the number of cyber-based threats and attacks affecting government, industry and financial institutions are increasing at an exponential rate. In response, UT-Battelle, the management contractor for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Auburn University have agreed to collaborate on programs and projects that address these critical issues.

“It is a great thing for Auburn University to work with a national laboratory of this caliber, especially one that has the outstanding reputation that Oak Ridge does,” said retired Lt. Gen. Ron Burgess, senior counsel for national security programs, cyber programs and military affairs at Auburn University. “Both in terms of resources and focus areas, this is a good marriage.”

Through its affiliation with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Auburn will be able to tailor both teaching and research efforts to address the increasingly hostile and complex cyber domain. Auburn students will be better prepared to contribute meaningfully to the cyber work-force from day one. Experts can be exchanged and can work together on areas of common interest. Some of the topics that Auburn University and Oak Ridge National Laboratory will address collaboratively include open source analysis and intelligence research, cyber security analysis and information assurance.

The scientific programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory focus on materials, neutron science, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology and national security. It partners with universities and industries to solve challenges in energy, advanced materials, manufacturing, security and physics. The laboratory is home to several of the world’s top supercomputers and hosts a DOE Leadership Computing Facility – home of the Titan supercomputer.

“Oak Ridge National Laboratory views partnerships as critical to the success of our research and development mission,” said retired Maj. Gen. Dick Webber, director of Cyber Programs Integration for Oak Ridge National Laboratory. “The partnership with Auburn University opens the door for collaborative opportunities to advance our nation’s cyber security capabilities.”

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