Cyber Initiative
Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development

Our Vision

The Auburn University Cyber Initiative has been established to:
Address the growing needs at the state and federal levels for collaboration among government, industry and research institutions to provide capabilities to address critical challenges for:

  • Secure facilities and networks
  • Educated, trained and cleared workforce
  • Integration of various agency priorities (Law enforcement, Justice, National Guard, DHS)
  • Cost effective solutions in a constrained economic environment

Facilitate collaboration and cooperation on research, education, training and workforce development among state universities and various state agencies on the rapidly increasing complexity of technology requirements in cyber security and various intelligence and military arenas.

Establish capabilities that address the growing cyber threats to infrastructure, commerce, finance and security through coordination and availability of multi-level unclassified and classified environments.

Bring immediate focus on the following: 

  • Cyber education and training for economic growth and workforce development
  • Information assurance and protection
  • Open source intelligence and analysis
  • Critical infrastructure protection

Advance collaboration and rapidly bring forward new technologies to address: 

  • Cyber forensics for law enforcement and prosecution
  • Cyber security standards
  • Information sharing among organizations and agencies
  • Applied analysis
  • Specialized training/ re-training for veterans and transitioning military personnel